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We are a young and motivated team, with a shared passion for providing fun and social events. Cork Tag Rugby runs mixed social leagues on both grass and astro turf. We run events all year round at a number of Cork venues.

Tag rugby is a mixed social games where both guys and girls can both play together. It can be either a seven a side or six aside game with a minimum of two or three girls playing at any one time.

We cater for both beginners and intermediate players and run numerous one day tag rugby blitzes throughout the year. Some of our social events are charity based with all proceeds going directly to our nominated charity. We play social fun rules to provide a fun and enjoyable experience.


Cork Rugby Player
Cork Tag Rugby - Highfield RFC

Cork Tag Rugby

Initially running a tag rugby league in Carrigaline, we have since branched out to other Cork venues including Highfield RFC and CSN College

All venue managers are highly experienced Cork players with a passion for the game. We bring  the fun and social aspect of tag rugby to our venues. Tag rugby is about fun and social interaction between teams, and Cork Tag Rugby provides one of the best platforms for this.

We run mixed social leagues on astro-turf for our Autumn and Winter leagues in both Carrigaline and Cork Harlequins. Each venue has been chosen for its pitch quality with both surfaces only newly laid. The Spring and Summer Leagues are played on grass in Highfield RFC, one of Munster and Ireland’s premier rugby venues. We provide the most social venues in Cork with open bar, games and  social nights out during the league. Come join in the fun with Cork Tag Rugby, we are not to be missed.

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